PD Grant for ATA Local 18 - 2022-2023

PD Grant Information


Motion to continue with the Local PD Grant approved at May 17, 2022 AGM.  Teachers can access up to $200 to reimburse professional development costs between July 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023.  The total amount of money available is $30,000, Reimbursement is on a first come, first serve basis.


Rational: Over the Covid Pandemic the ATA local has accumulated a $41,000 surplus  It was determined this money should be used to support teachers in their professional growth.

Professional Development Financial Assistance Grant

  1. Professional Development Financial Assistance

    1.1 Upon receipt of a Request for Payment, the Local Treasurer will reimburse a teacher for the registration fee of an approved
    professional development activity or professional development resources up to a maximum of $200.00 for the 2022 - 2023
    school year.

    1.2 Professional development activities/resources that are eligible for the reimbursement include:

      1.2.1 All ATA specialist conferences;

      1.2.2 All ATA sponsored workshops and conferences;

      1.2.3 All Consortia sponsored workshops and conferences;

      1.2.4 PD activities linked to Professional Growth Plans or approved by the Local Executive;

      1.2.5 Books, exemplars, digital resources purchased as a Professional Development resource while attending conferences, workshops, Professional Development sessions and conventions, including Teachers Convention

      1.2.6 Classroom Resource Material (e.g. Teachers Paying Teachers, NCATA conference vendor, etc.)

      1.2.7 Post-secondary education or coursework related to teacher professional development 

    1.3 The submission for reimbursement is a one time grant

      1.3.1 Submissions are to be made electronically through email with a scan or photo of the receipt, the claim form can be found on our Local website.

      1.3.2 All submissions must be received by the local treasurer by April 30, 2023. Submit claims to ata.local18.weimer@gmail.com

    1.3.3 Each teacher can submit for reimbursement at most once.